Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cody and Carly's Quilt

Finished up Cody and Carly's quilt made with squares signed at their wedding reception.  Hope they like it!

Friday, September 23, 2011

First Quilt

Trying to figure out the picture part of blogging.  I hope this works. This is a picture of the first quilt I ever made.  I made it in 1974 for Bill for Christmas.  I used some factory scraps that someone had given my mother.  Those are the multicolor parts of the turtles.  I think I had something made from the copper color face and tails.  The white was an old sheet.  We used it for years and years and eventually the old sheet fell apart so I took the turtles off and appliqued them onto some white flannel, changed the setting, added the blue/gold sashing and requilted it in 2004. Bill still likes it but it is really heavy now because of the layers and the flannel.

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First Post

Well, I've finally done it!  I have made a blog with the help of Google.  I'm not really sure what I am doing yet but hopefully I will get better.  It is hard for old dogs to learn new tricks but I will keep trying! 
Today is a day off from preschool and I am working on laundry and the usual things around here.  I almost have a wedding quilt finished.  A good friend from McKinney and I went quilt shop hopping 3 days this month.  We found some really great stores and of course bought fabric and patterns. Most importantly I think we had a wonderful time visiting and got motivation to finish up some quilting projects and try some new techniques.
Hopefully I can figure out how to add pictures and things here so wish me luck!