Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Blessings

It will be Christmas day in a few minutes.  I am blessed in so many ways and I am so thankful.  I had a good Christmas Eve with my husband, daughter, and my husband's brother.  We had some traditional foods such as dressing/gravy and sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top.  For dessert we had gingerbread cake with lemon sauce - a traditional holiday dessert for my husband's family.  
Tonight our daughter, Emma, and I went to candlelight service at church and drove around our little town to look at lights.  There is one home that is really something - the  Crazy Light Lady- it has lights timed to music.  Then another home had some sort of projections inside.  One looked like Santa sneaking around in the living room with his sack and then waving out the window.  An upper window had Mrs. Santa  wrapping gifts.  Almost a little spooky but really neat.
I am fortunate to have sisters and brother-in-laws and a brother and a sister-in-law and their families that include lots of nieces and nephews.  While one sister and her family live out of state, the others are a couple of hours away.  We had planned to go to my other sister's home tomorrow and have her wonderful homemade enchiladas and lots of other good food.  Then the adults play a fun filled Chinese Christmas gift exchange.  However our weather is to go from almost balmy today to rain, freezing temperatures, and snow starting around lunch time tomorrow.  We may have 4-5 inches of snow and in our area that causes major traffic problems.  So we have decided it is best to stay home and be safe.  We will miss everyone, especially the newest member, great-great-nephew, Gunner and two adult nephews who live far away.  We will call and find out about all the goings on.
It will be nice to sleep in tomorrow and have a lazy breakfast and see if Santa left anything in our stockings.
Hoping you all have a blessed Christmas!
Since we are all grown up at our house, I will leave you with a few pictures of our "babies" under the Christmas tree.


  1. What wonderful Christmas pictures of all your fine fur-babies! Thank you for sharing the happiness in your home.

    1. Thanks Vic. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!