Sunday, February 3, 2013

December quilts

I did not post a picture of the Christmas quilt I finished in December.  I originally made it for my family's gift exchange game.  Then we had really bad weather on Christmas day and we decided to not travel the 2 hours there and 2 hours back on the icy, snowy roads.  So I still have the quilt.  Either I will keep it if I get another quilt made, or save it for next Christmas!
It is a disappearing 4 patch that my husband helped me to calculate the block sizes and cutting measurements to come out to the size I wanted.  I really like the disappearing 4 patch pattern (I found somewhere on the internet) that ends up with tiny little squares in the middle but I wanted to make this one a little different so we fiddled with the measurements. 

 Here it is lying out for show and tell at our quilt club meeting.
 Here is another view so the whole quilt can be seen but the colors are washed out some.

I also finished up my great niece's t-shirt quilt.  These were t-shirts from her high school years in basketball and some track.  She is now a college graduate but sacrificed gave me her t-shirts last year for the quilt.
  I am still in possession of this quilt but hope to see her soon to give it to her.


  1. I love your christmas quilt-and love the t shirt quilts-I finally made one last year-and made it the raggy method turned out nice-except I made the mistake of making it too large-so now need to get to the laundromat to get it washed-