Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break Trip

We left last Saturday morning very early on our way to Arizona.  We stopped in N.Mexico the first night and got to Kayenta, AZ the second night.  On Monday, we took a trip through Monument Valley with a Navajo guide.  We had a great time stopping and taking pictures.  On Tuesday we drove to Page, AZ on Wednesday, Emma and I took a tour through the lower slot canyon in Antelope Canyon.  Lots of climbing ladders and over and around rock formations.  The colors were beautiful with the light coming in from cracks in the rocks above.  That afternoon, Bill took a photographic tour in the upper slot canyon. The pictures following are from the lower slot canyon.  I think I have them all turned right - some I took looking up or behind where we had been. The guides were wonderful in showing where to get the best pictures.
 This is the crack where we entered the canyon.  I had a small panic attack as we started down.  Some of the people were larger than me and had made it through so I figured I could too.  Emma is bravely going before me!

Many of the formations had names.  The one above is the US Postal eagle.  The one below was something about a woman, but she looks like a woman in the wind to me.

 The one one above I took looking up.  The one below I had help from the guide.
I think this one was taken looking up also.
Here is our guide Truman.  He was great!  This is the way out!


  1. WOW! I grew up in AZ and have never seen this canyon - I didn't even know it existed! Thanks for sharing your trip through these amazing photos!

    Diane D.
    Phoenix, AZ