Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Busy Weeks

It's been a couple of very busy weeks. I helped a friend finish quilting part of a very large quilt that she is making.  A church friend and I hung quilts from our congregation on an upstairs railing in our activity center to decorate for our Thanksgiving banquet.  We also cut up some very old quilts for the centerpieces on the 40 tables. Then I made cookies and attended a Veteran's Day celebration with the local D.A.R. group at my former elementary school.  I did finish the wedding quilt mentioned in my last post except for the binding.  I also started and made good progress on a Christmas gift quilt.  No pictures with this post but will try to load some up soon.  Bill left the camera at school that has some of my friend's quilt on it.  He took it to school in case the raccoon trap had caught the little friend that got into their building this week! 

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