Friday, January 6, 2012

December Sewing

December was such a busy month!  Here are some things I got done.  Finished up a quilt that I gave my aunt for Christmas.  She is very ill and in a nursing home now.  I was able to get a lap quilt done for my daughter without her knowing about it.  I think she was really surprised.  I also made a lap size quilt for our family Christmas "gift" exchange. On New Year's eve, I was able to go to a workshop in Plano with Bonnie K. Hunter.  My good friend Teresa went also.  Learned some new techniques but the wall hanging isn't finished yet.  On January 2nd, I went to another workshop with Bonnie and learned how to make the spiderweb pattern.  I have a spiderweb quilt that my Grandmother Ruth made for me when I was little and Mother quilted when I got married in 1972.  I'm excited to get started on making one.  Working on a baby quilt today.  Can't show pictures of it yet.
I think I have a picture of the quilt I gave my aunt on Bill's camera. I'll have to add it later.

This photo was the family gift exchange quilt.  My brother-in-law ended up with it.  My sister has tried to get my quilt for 3 years in a row so he got it.  She got a Kindle so maybe they can share.

 Here are my Christmas present kitties, Cookie and Coco, resting on Emma's "Hello Kitty" quilt.  This was the same pattern as above - super easy but quick and nice if you have some pretty fabrics you don't want to cut up too small.  It is called Square in Squares 2 on Quilter's Cache website.
Here I am on the left with Bonnie K. Hunter (Quiltville)at the Spiderweb quilting class.  I will have to take a picture of the parts of the Love Shack wallhanging that I have done from the first class.  I took some pictures that day but didn't take any of my stuff.


  1. Isn't Bonnie great? I am lucky to have met her!
    XOXOO Subee

  2. Enjoyed seeing your quilts and picture with Bonnie Hunter!