Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4 Quilts

I finished up 4 quilts for my brother, sisters, and myself last Friday. They were made from Mother's clothing. We are all meeting up this week in Colorado for a few days and I wanted to take them as it isn't often that all 4 of us are together at the same time.  There is an earlier post (March) of one of the quilts in the beginning stages.
                                     Here we are with our quilts.


  1. What a fabulous tribute to your Mother and to all her children you have made! Thank you so much for including the reference to look up the construction details of the first quilt in the series. I was not familiar with Arkansas Crossroads but it is lovely. Good job!

  2. Your quilts are wonderful! Such a treat to all your brothers and sisters! Beautiful work!

  3. Those quilts look wonderful. Just love that all the children had a great memories of mother.

  4. I am hoping to reach you this way as two e-mails to you have bounced back as undeliverable. You were the winner of my Think Christmas give away at VroomansQuilts - the Santa Panel. Please get in touch with me so I can mail this out.

  5. Oh, how special! The quilts are really great and such memories they each hold of your mother.

    1. Thanks Carrie. I enjoyed making them and remembering the different clothing that my mother had worn. Some of it was really old. She never threw away anything usable.