Monday, August 20, 2012

August Sewing

August has been a busy month around here.  My sweet husband has been putting in a more permanent fence for my garden spot in the backyard.  I've gotten things planted for a fall garden and we've had some good rain. 
I finished a quilt top for a friend's daughter and husband.  It's a late wedding present.  Just need to get it quilted and bound. Here is the top - didn't have a quilt "holder" so laid it on a chair on the front porch.

I've sewn a little on an applique quilt I started a few years ago for my daughter and am starting to put the blocks together.

Then something new and sparkly caught my eye and I started a free block of the month....had to go back and copy everything up through August.  It's called "Hello Sun" and is at:
The original blocks are applique.  I had been wanting to try the technique of using crayons to color a quilt.  So I adapted her pattern by tracing the designs onto white fabric with a pigma penI then colored them with Crayola brand regular crayons and ironed them face down on white paper towels to remove the extra wax and color.  
 The next step is embroidering on the drawn lines for the details.  I may also add some buttons and rick rack.  The little blocks will finish at 6".  I'll probably put these into a little quilt for my preschool room.  I think I will name it "You Are My Sunshine".  We love to sing that song and another one called "Mr. Sun".

The block on the left is for February - the original didn't have hearts which would have been super tiny to applique.  The one on the left is for March.  Still have some embroidery outlining to do.  The orange outline isn't quite so neon in real life.

This is a baby quilt top that I put together in July.  It's for Emma's first college roommate who had a baby in July.  It just needs quilting and binding.  It's actually a little brighter than the picture.

Our poor dog, Sophie, had to have surgery to remove her dew claws that weren't correctly removed by the breeder when she was a puppy. She's done pretty well until today after  the stitches came out.  One foot has to still be wrapped and she is in quite a bit of pain tonight.  
I'll leave you today with a picture of one of my quilting supervisors.  Cookie has decided  that the batting makes a nice cave. 

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  1. Love your crayon quilt! That will be adorable. Hug the poor puppy - and I hope his foot heals fast!